In keeping consistent with our partner agencies, Douglas County Fire District No. 2 will begin issuing burn permits free of charge for back yard debris burning within DCFD #2 service area. Burn permits will require an onsite inspection from a representative of DCFD #2 prior to being issued.

Burn permits will only be issued for small debris piles consisting of yard debris only. No permits will be issued for burn barrels or industrial logging slash. As always, burning of materials such as garbage, tires, plastic, rubber or any other material that normally emits dense smoke and/or noxious odors are and always will be prohibited. Burn permits do not waive the landowner’s liability should a burn escape containment, and permit holder can be held liable for fire suppression costs and damages resulting from an escaped debris burn, unattended burning or negligence.

Preparation for a burn, a fire trail must be created around the burn site, down to mineral soil. At a minimum, the permit will require individuals burning to have a shovel and a charged garden hose on site and available during burning. An adult must be present the entire time the burn is taking place, the burn must be completely extinguished prior to leaving, and permits are issued to property owners only, not tenants or renters. To request a burn permit from DCFD #2, stop by the station in your area between 8am-4:30pm or call (541) 673-5503 during those same hours.

Individuals found to be burning prohibited materials may be issued a citation or subject to further fines from the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ).

Residents who reside outside of Douglas County Fire District #2 district boundaries should contact their local fire department regarding the current burning restrictions in those areas.