DCFD2 to Host Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony for New Aerial Ladder Fire Truck

County and local officials will be participating in a ribbon-cutting ceremony for Douglas County Fire District No.2’s (DCFD2) new aerial ladder truck on Friday, January 31, 2014 at 2 p.m. at the Melrose Fire Station #3 located at 2830 Melrose Road in Roseburg.  Part of the ceremony will include two surprise dedications (one for an individual’s life work; and the other to a long time institution of the Melrose community).  Both these special dedications will be reflected permanently on the new aerial ladder truck, and will be unveiled at the ribbon cutting ceremony.  new_truck

The new, standard edition fire truck is manufactured by Ferrara Fire Apparatus, mounts a 77-foot Smeal aerial ladder, and it will cost the community about $518,000 (150,000 less than similar new custom built trucks).  Hose nozzles, air packs, prying tools, scene lights, two-way radios, etc. will cost $32,000.  Features include:

  • A ladder pipe that allows water to flow at 1,500 gallons per minute.  This is an improvement over what the current model allows.
  • “Smart Aerial” technology.  This involves a programmable control of the ladder, allowing gentle starts and stops when raising, lowering, extending or retracting the aerial.
  • 1,750 gallons per minute capacity Hale water pump.

The new fire truck replaces a 1992 custom model Pierce truck mounting a 65-foot Telesquirt aerial ladder.  The Telesquirt Company is no longer operating and parts cannot be found, which ultimately forced the decision of the district to replace the old truck after several months out of service in order to continue offering the desired level of fire protection for the community.

The new truck will also enable the district to maintain its current ISO ratings, which ensure in most cases reduced insurance premiums to its residents.

Operating out of DCFD2 Station #3 in Melrose, the new truck will further improve DCFD2’s ability to protect the lives and property of district residents.

“Aerial ladder trucks carry equipment that enables firefighters to engage in building search and rescue operations, property salvage, and smoke removal.  Additionally, aerial ladder trucks provide firefighters access to high elevations for rescue and master water stream application,” said Fire Chief Greg Marlar.  “DCFD2 new truck features a 77-foot ladder that can reach up several stories in case of a structure fire.  The height will position us  to further improve  our response to fires in taller buildings in the district like Douglas County Forest Products, Ingram Book, FCC Furniture, and some of the buildings on the UCC campus to name a few.”

Speakers at the ribbon-cutting ceremony will include DCFD2 Board President Joe Waldron, DCFD2 Deputy Fire Chief Rob Bullock, DCFD2 Fire Chief Greg Marlar, County Commissioner Susan Morgan, and State Representative Tim Freeman.

Parking: Parking will be available along the west side and behind DCFD2 Melrose Station #3, and on the parking lot of Melrose Elementary School to the west of the station for the ribbon cutting ceremony.

Community Members are Welcome: In addition to the news media, members of the public are encouraged to attend.  Adults and children are invited to sit in the new truck and get a close-up look at other fire apparatus and equipment on display the day of the event.  Cookies, punch and coffee will be provided.

Rain-or-Shine Event: In the event of rain, the ribbon-cutting ceremony will be held inside the apparatus bay at the Melrose Fire Station #3.  Call DCFD2 Headquarters at (541) 673-5503 for more information.