Deputy Chief Completes EFO Program

Deputy Chief Rob Bullock of Douglas County Fire District No.2 has successfully completed the “Executive Fire Officer Program” (EFO), through the Nation Fire Academy (NFA).

The National Fire Academy’s Executive Fire Officer Program provides senior fire officers with a broad perspective on various facets of fire and emergency services administration. The courses and accompanying research examine how to exercise leadership when dealing with difficult or unique problems within communities.

The program takes four years to complete and consisted taking one course per year. Each course is two weeks in duration and is the equivalent of an upper division baccalaureate or graduate level course.

Students are required to complete an Applied Research Project (ARP) that relates to their organization within six months after the completion of each of the four courses. When the final ARP is completed, and has received a passing grade, the student is awarded the EFO Program certificate.

Division Chief Bullock started his career in 1986 as a volunteer.  He has been with Douglas County Fire District for over 30 years and currently resides in Roseburg.

To learn more about the program visit the Executive Fire Officer Program on the USFA/NFA webpage.