Fire Danger Increases

The hot, dry weather, along with an increase in recent fire activity has prompted the Douglas Forest Protective Association to increase the fire danger to “HIGH” on all DFPA protected lands effective immediately.  The Industrial Fire Precaution Level will remain at IFPL 1 and Public Use Restrictions, which restrict or prohibit certain fire prone activities, remains in effect and unchanged.

“The cooler mornings and shorter days can be very misleading,” says DFPA Fire Prevention Specialist Kyle Reed.  “The small amount of rain we received earlier this month is gone and the forest floor remains very dry. We still need everyone’s help to prevent human caused fires.”

Reed says the end of fire season is still in the distant future and will only come after significant rainfall returns to the area and the threat of new wildfires has been considerably reduced.  29

For a complete list of public or industrial fire restrictions, visit or call 541-672-0379.