Fire District No. 2 Firefighters Conduct Live Fire Training

lpg1 The Oregon Department of Public Standards Safety and Training (DPSST) is providing the training as part of its statewide training program.


lpg2Firefighters will extinguish fires that simulate a flammable liquids fire, a gas meter fire, pipeline fire, a large propane tank fire, and a tanker Firefighters will work in teams of 5 firefighters that approach the flaming props and turn valves off to stop the leaking gas. Firefighters will be wearing full protective clothing and self contained breathing apparatus.


lpg3 Most people have some type of flammable gas in their homes. Whether it’s a propane tank for a barbecue or acetylene gas for a cutting torch. These gases can violently explode when exposed to fire. Firefighters need to be aware of the hazards and trained in the proper precautions to take when dealing with these products.