Fire Season Begins June 8th on all properties within the boundaries of Douglas County Fire District No. 2

In coordination with Douglas Forest Protective Association, Douglas County Fire District No. 2 has announced that the 2018 fire season will officially begin Friday, June 8th at 12:01 a.m. on all properties within the boundaries of Fire District 2.  The declaration of fire season imposes certain fire restrictions on both the general public and industrial operators to help prevent wildfires.

With the declaration of fire season, the use of exploding targets and tracer ammunition are prohibited within Fire District 2.

The start of fire season also means the end of unregulated outside debris burning for Fire District 2 residents.  Due to poor burning conditions which have come earlier this year than normal, burn permits for debris piles and burn barrels will not be issued.  In addition, fire officials recommend checking any debris piles that were burned earlier this spring.  If not properly extinguished, burn piles have the potential of smoldering for weeks, or even months, before popping back to life on a warm, windy day.

As fire season progresses, additional public and industrial fire restrictions may be imposed as fire conditions become more severe.

For more information regarding property protected by Fire District 2, please contact the District at 541-673-5503, or visit

For Industrial Fire Levels or Restrictions please contact Douglas Forest Protective Association at 541-672-6507, or visit  An interactive map with state wide fire restrictions is also available online at