Out of Control Burns Keep DCFD2 Firefighters Busy

The second fire was reported at 05:34 p.m. at 131 Laguna Court in Green. Property owner Bradley Matthews was burning pine needles along side his driveway when the wind blew burning debris into nearby brush causing it to catch on fire. Responding fire crews where at the scene (5 minutes later) and extinguished the fire, which was declared under control at 05:45 p.m. (5 minutes later). A total of 5 firefighters with 2 fire engines and 1 command vehicle responded to this fire.

In both these fires the property owners violated several of the safety provisions that are part of the residential burn permits issued to home owners for the burning of yard debris and placed their property and that of their neighbors at risk.

DCFD2 would like to remind district residents the following:

  • As directed by Oregon Revised Statutes and the Oregon Fire Code a permit is required for the kindling or maintaining of an open fire or a fire on any public street, alley, road, or other public or private ground.
  • Permit holders shall adhere to the safety instructions and stipulations of the permit at all times; and shall cease burning when conditions develop that can cause the fire to spread (i.e.; wind, blowing brands or embers).
  • Persons burning in violation of the permit, or whose fires become a threat to public safety are subject to criminal or civil liability for damages arising from burning occurring under their control. Violations of the burning requirements will result in the issuing of citations and invoicing of cost recovery fees for suppression actions taken.

“We would like to encourage property owners that have residential burn permits to burn responsibly. Failing to do so is a reckless disregard to safety and places every one at risk unnecessarily” said Fire Marshal Josep Pedrola

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