Sutherlin Ambulance Services


With the recent decision by the City of Sutherlin Fire Department to no longer respond to public lift assists, Douglas County Fire District No.2 wanted to clarify that this change will not impact your emergency (911) ambulance services.

Douglas County Fire District No.2 continues to provide paramedic ambulance services to the citizens of Sutherlin and its surrounding areas.  An ambulance crew presently resides at the Calapooia Fire Station located on HWY 138 just west of the freeway, and is staffed 24 hours a day.

Sutherlin citizens can rest assured knowing that the Douglas County Fire District No.2 ambulance is still on duty and your Fire Med membership is still valid towards emergency ambulance transport and emergency medical care.

If you have further questions regarding Sutherlin’s decision to not respond to public lift assists you can call Sutherlin City Hall 541-459-2856, or the Sutherlin Fire Department 541-459-1394.

If you have further questions about ambulance services or Fire Med you can call Douglas County Fire District No. 2 at 541-673-5503.