Two Structure Fires 11 minutes apart challenge Fire District No. 2 Firefighters

glengary_2Firefighters with Douglas County Fire District No. 2 responded to two working structure fires Tuesday evening. 18 total firefighters responded to the two fires with 5 fire engines and assistance from Winston Dillard Fire District No. 5. The fires were both extinguished quickly preventing significant losses.

The first structure fire occurred at 8:26 P.M. at 3055 Porter Street in Roseburg. First arriving fire engines reported light smoke coming from the attic area. After investigation firefighters discovered that the attic was involved with fire. Personnel extended hose lines into the attic space and extinguished the fire. Firefighters had to remove some sheetrock below the fire to expose the roof rafters and fully extinguish the fire.

Personnel remained on scene for two hours. Pacific Power and Light also responded to disconnect the power to the structure.glengary_1

No Damage estimate is available at this time. The cause is still under investigation.

The home is owned by Gregory Orton of Roseburg.

The Second structure fire was reported 11 minutes after the Porter Street fire and was located at 670 Glengary Loop in the Green area. First arriving firefighters found a two story home with a garage on fire. Firefighters quickly extinguished the garage fire and focused on making sure the fire had not spread into the ceiling area above the garage. Firefighters determined the fire had not extended beyond the garage.

The cause of the fire is under investigation at this time.

Sheetrocked walls and ceilings prevented the fire from spreading to the rest of the home.

Firefighters remained on scene for two hours cooling smoldering debris and assisting fire investigators. Winston Dillard Fire District No. 5 also responded to the Glengary Loop fire. Eight Firefighters responded to the fire with three engines and one incident commander.

The home was owned by: Ronald Groves and was occupied by Joe, Bogan. The fire caused an estimated $ 30,000 damage to the building and $10,000 damage to contents.